How to find and catch Marlin in Dave the Diver

How to find and catch Marlin in Dave the Diver

It’s a Marlin Party in Dave the Diver, and it’s up to your to find and catch the delicious, spikey-nosed fish for the sushi bar. In this beautiful game from MINTROCKET, you get to take on the role of harpoon fisherman, underwater ambassador, and sushi restaurant dogsbody. Catching the various fish located in and around the ever-changing blue hole will reward you with cash, prestige, and the ability to upgrade your gear and sushi bar. Each fish has its own patterns, methods of being caught, and hangouts, so knowing how to catch each is essential to keep the crowds happy.

How to find and catch Marlin in Dave the Diver

How to find and catch Marlin in Dave the Diver

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Marlin is a predator in the seas and highly prized by fishermen the world over. Their long nose and sharp fin provide them with incredible speeds and a weapon to boot. Usually, they can be found in warmer seas and make for an impressive haul.

In Dave the Diver, you will have to catch a few of these beasts for the Marlin Party that rolls into the sushi restaurant. They demand only the finest Marlin and expect you to supply the goods. finding and catching them will not be possible before the Marlin Party event in Dave the Diver.

Marlin has a similar pattern to the Tuna you will also find in the Blue Hole. They hang around quite near to the surface, between 0 and 45 meters, I found. They are solitary fish but will yield a lot of meat if caught correctly. So I use a Steel Trap Bomb for the quickest and easiest catch of this fish. I usually bait the fish into attacking and, once noticed, drop a Steel Trap Bomb. This results in undamaged Marlin and hopefully an undamaged Dave the Diver too.

If you have rolled up with no bombs, I recommend the Sleeping Sniper. The gun has a 40% chance of sending the Marlin to sleep, leaving it vulnerable to either drone extraction or attack.

Attack patterns

If you have neither of these weapons, you’re going to have to do battle with the fish, reminiscent of Old Man and the Sea. Arm yourself with whatever you have and wait for the attacks. The main one is with the nose; the fish will line up and then dart forward. Dash out of the way and use the Marlin cooldown to attack with Dave the Diver. The second move is a tail whip that only occurs when you’re too close, so keep your distance from the Marlin.

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