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Apart from the story, there’s quite a bit for you to do in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The many side quests you come across will help you earn more XP. However, there are some new additions in Jedi: Survivor. Some of which you can find in the main story, or in side missions like unlocking the jukebox. One of the newest and probably the more interesting things you can do in the game is garden. Which is found on top of the Pyloon’s Saloon on Koboh. In order to garden in Jedi: Survivor, you must find seed pods. The good news is that most are nearby, and they’re hiding, just waiting for you to find them. Don’t fret though, we will show where all the seed pod locations are in Jedi: Survivor. Read this guide for the answers.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: All the seed pod locations

There are ten of these collectibles near the Saloon and throughout Kobah. Because they’re out of view, searching for all ten may take some time. To speed up the process, follow the steps below.

Rambler’s Reach Outpost Pine Fern Seed: This first seed is easy to find. All you need to do is head to the roof of the Saloon. When you enter the Saloon, head towards the doors on your left and ascend upwards. The seed will be directly in front of the door you come out of.

Pine Fern Seed

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Rambler’s Reach Outpost Spine Fluff Seed: Head to the Spamel ranch near the Saloon, and look for a cliff facing the water. The seed will be hidden in a small tree.

Jedi Survivor Spine Fluff Seed

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Rambler’s Reach Outpost Bluebell Squish Seed: This seed is fairly easy to find as well. Make your way to side the Spamel ranch that’s near the water. The tree where the seed is should be is near the fence of the ranch. It’ll also be facing the water.

Jedi Survivor Bluebell Squish Seed

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Gorge Crashsite Fire Pineapple Seed: Head to the Derelict waypoint if it’s unlocked, and follow the path upwards. When you get to the crash site, there will be a platform to walk on with black sludge around. Look for rock formations on the left-hand side, and jump on them. The seed should be in this location.

Fire Pineapple Seed

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Gorge Crashsite Cactus Ball Seed: Go to the Gorge Crashsite’s mediation point. Once you’re there, look to your right and there should be a zipline. Take it, and head across the opening. When you reach the end of the zip line, the seed will be at the far end of the rock platform.

Jedi Survivor Cactus Ball Seed

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Southern Reach Site Tuber Maw Seed: From the Southern Reach meditation point, follow the path which won’t be hard to miss. The seed will be a the bottom of this path, and it may be easy to miss. To give you an easier time looking for it, once you’re at the bottom of the hill, look for a rock formation. The seed should be in front of it.

Jedi Survivor Tuber Maw Seed

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Harvest Ridge Tuber Maw Seed: The best place to start would be the Ramber Reach’s waypoint. From there, head right. You should see a path going upward, in order to take it, ride a Spamel Mount. Once you’ve reached the top, there will be two tunnel openings. Go in the left one, and the seed will be on the other side. It’ll be hugging the rock wall on the right side from where you came from.

Jedi Survivor Site Tuber Maw Seed

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Swindler Wash Goldenlight Moss Seed: Start by heading to the Swilder’s Wash waypoint. Directly ahead of it, there should be a destroyed bridge. Force Dash across it, and turn left into the bush beside the bridge. The seed will be in a small tree there.

Jedi Survivor Goldenlight Moss Seed

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Devastated Settlement Crimson Jelly Spire Seed: Just like the other seeds in this guide, reach a waypoint. Start at the Devasted Settlement waypoint. When you get there, head left of the waypoint and jump down. The seed will be on the far left corner of the platform

Jedi Survivor Crimson Jelly Spire Seed

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Summit Ridge Koboh Spiker Ridge: This last seed seems to be one of the easier pods to find. First, fast travel to Summit Ridge if you can. At the waypoint, go straight, and there should be a launcher you can use. Jump on it, and get to the other side. Upon landing, look to your left. The plant will be an orange-brown color, this is where you can find the last seed pod.

Jedi Survivor Koboh Spiker Ridge

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is available now via Steam.

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