Harry Potter Magic Awakened dormitories keep you from clanning with other houses and the opposite gender

How Do Dormitories Work In Harry Potter Magic Awakened
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After you’ve selected your house in Harry Potter Magic Awakened, you can create or join a dormitory, which is basically a clan. You can only have three other players in your dormitory, but the strict realism doesn’t end there. In Harry Potter Magic Awakening, a social RPG, you can’t be in a dormitory with anyone from a different house or with the opposite gender.

Note: If you need help selecting your house in Harry Potter Magic Awakened, we’ve got you covered.

How do dormitories work in Harry Potter Magic Awakened?

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Dormitory

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Dormitories in Harry Potter Magic Awakened are too realistic. Mobile games of this caliber usually have a clan system where you can join your friends and do activities together. Dormitories are the clans in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

Being in a dormitory gives you a 20% increase in gold gain when dueling with a roommate in the Duelling Club. Also, you gain additional bonuses for exploring the Forbidden Forest together with roommates. These bonuses make having an active dormitory important, but odds are you can’t invite your friends.

Dormitories in Harry Potter Magic Awakened are locked behind realistic RPG standards. In Hogwarts, men can only room with men and women can only room with women. The same applies in Harry Potter Magic Awakened — it’s stated strictly in the rules that “witches and wizards cannot share a dormitory.”

On top of that, you can only have a dormitory with people in your same house. So, if you chose Hufflepuff and your friend chose Ravenclaw, you can’t be in the same dormitory. Also, if you and your friend both chose Slytherin but one is a girl and one is a guy, then you can’t be in the same dormitory.

While sticking to the authentic wizarding experience is cool, having strict rules on how to play with your friends in this Harry Potter RPG is a bad choice. Hopefully, Portkey Games changes this soon so you can dorm with any house and any gender, but for now, it is as strict as Hogwarts is.

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