Diablo 4 players upset at developers for constantly nerfing Dungeons

Diablo 4 Players Upset At Developers For Constantly Nerfing Dungeons
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Now that Diablo 4 has been out for a little while, Blizzard is attempting to fix any imperfections that may be bothering players. It seems like this particular issue wasn’t a problem at all, and fans aren’t happy about the changes. The developers are upsetting Diablo 4 players for constantly nerfing Dungeons when they don’t need to. Dungeons are some of the best ways to earn XP, but now it looks to be less enticing to complete them.

Diablo 4 developers upset players by nerfing Dungeons

If you aren’t knowledgeable on video game lingo, to nerf a feature is to make it weaker. This means that ever since Diablo 4 released, there have been a few updates to try and improve the balance of the Dungeons. Players on Reddit have been discussing the Dungeon nerfs, and how it’s much harder to gain XP now.

Devs, we run dungeons to level because the XP everywhere else sucks!
by u/AudioRejectz in diablo4

The Redditor who posted it first, AudioRejectz, had this to say, “Why do think so many people keep running dungeons? It’s because xp everywhere else is bad, it’s that simple. World bosses, hell tide, NMD all need their xp buffing.” They continue to explain how it’s difficult for solo players to earn XP, while player groups earning XP together should be nerfed.

Throughout the plethora of responses, some players are in agreement and worry about the future of Diablo 4. But there are others who disagree, and don’t really mind the changes happening. Many responders in agreement explain that “I level up my character so I can kill more monsters”, and “We want to kill monsters, lots of them. Let us have that, please.”

Diablo 4 Players Upset At Developers For Constantly Nerfing Dungeons Boss Fight

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By the looks of these posts, players want the developers to focus more on buffing the XP for bigger World Events. But instead, Blizzard has put their focus on nerfing the Dungeons so they’re not as easy to gain XP from. Even one player stated how little enemies there are now, “I loved blowing up 50-100 mobs at once. Now it’s like 10-30. Let me have fun blizzard please.”

Hopefully Blizzard hears the players’ cries and fixes Diablo 4. This way, any player can enjoy themselves, whether they’re playing solo or in a group.

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