FFXIV: The Make It Rain Campaign returns June 30th

Ffxiv The Make It Rain Campaign Returns June 30th

Of all the FFXIV seasonal events, the Make It Rain Campaign is different from the others mechanics-wise, and it’s about time for it to return. The Make it Rain Campaign returns starting June 30 until July 17 with a fun new reward.

The Make It Rain Event and rewards

Make it Rain events center around storylines pertaining to the Gold Saucer. This year the quest start tagline is ‘Kipih Jakkya needs help penning her next hit article,’ so maybe we’ll hunt down Godbert for questions.

During the event’s duration, Manderville Gold Saucer Point rewards all increase by 50%. Stack that with the Free Company buff Jackpot II and make some serious MGP off the event. It’s the perfect time to grind for the Typhon, Fenrir, Korpokkur Kolossus, Archon Throne, Pod 602, Sabotender Emperador, or Blackjack mount, as well as ensuring you have all the emotes, hairstyles, and glamour items you wanted from the Saucer but haven’t gotten to yet. The housing furnishings for the Gold Saucer minigames are also discounted off their MGP prices during this time.

When it comes to the event-specific awards, we don’t get the absolute majesty of the /showleft and /showright emotes this year, but we do get something else great: the Wind-up Godbert.

Wind Up Godbert

Image via Square Enix

After years of being an icon and showing up in the Manderville quests, Starlight seasonal events, or even Main Scenario for a hot minute, we can finally own a toy version of FFXIV’s perfect Manderville man. The Twelve only know what his idle animation is going to be. If you’re wanting more from the event, items from previous iterations of the event will also be available. Plus there are several MGP exclusive minions already.

So prepare to get your mini Godbert and grind the Gold Saucer challenge logs for a few weeks. There’s no time like the Make it Rain Campaign.

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