How to catch Tuna in Dave the Diver

How to catch Tuna in Dave the Diver
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The underwater world hides many weird and wonderful secrets; some of them dangerous, some of them beautiful, and most of them delicious. Dave the Diver encourages you to get out there and eat them all, from Giant Squid to the deadly Pufferfish. Anyone would be forgiven for thinking that the humble Tuna, a fish that comes in a small tin, would be easy enough to catch, but alas. Tuna is hard to catch in Dave the Diver, they are fast, dangerous, and resistant to harpooning, but there is a method.

How to catch Tuna in Dave the Diver

While playing through Dave the Diver, you will eventually be faced with the Tuna Party Event, in which a whole boatload of Tuna enthusiasts descends on the sushi bar. It is up to you to stock the bar with as many high prices and delicious Tuna dishes as possible to maximize profits. You won’t have encountered these fish before, but now the sea will have at least one school of them every time you dive in.

Tuna move in a group, they move really fast, and they’re very resistant to damage, so sitting there and hammering away with your harpoon is time-consuming. I found a few good ways to take them out that won’t do too much damage to the actual Tuna meat, resulting in better-quality sushi in Dave the Diver.

Steel Net Bombs for Tuna

How to catch Tuna in Dave the Diver

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These are available to buy from the Cobra shop on the boat. However, they aren’t available every day, so make sure to check. If you catch the Tuna with these, then Dave the Diver will have to use the drone to extract them. This method results in huge amounts of three-star quality Tuna meat as it can catch up to two Tuna. Simply place it in the path of the tuna and wait for them to swim into it. They’re big, not smart.

Have Dave the Diver upgrade the Sniper

My favorite method to catch the Tuna when bombs aren’t available in Dave the Diver is the upgraded sleepy sniper. By upgrading your Sniper Rifle to a sleeping one, it gains a 40% chance to put anything to sleep it hits. Once the tuna is out cold, you can extract it with a drone or repeatedly attack it until it is dead enough to harvest underwater.

Dave the Divers Harpoon and Gun

This is a method that will work, but it will degrade the quality of the meat and will take ages. Multiple shots in with either will eventually kill the Tuna and leave it open for Dave the Diver to harvest.

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