How to complete Meat for Meat in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s side quests are everywhere in this interpretation of Hyrule. From stables to roads, and obviously in towns, you’ll find some side quests wherever you end up going in Tears of the Kingdom. One of these side quests is located at the Bedrock Bistro, where you’ll be tasked with bringing them some Rock Roast, or Marbled Rock Roast, depending on where you are in the main scenario. Here’s our guide on how to complete Meat for Meat in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to complete Meat for Meat in Tears of the Kingdom

Your only hint on where to find the Rock Roast required for the Meat for Meat side quest is that it’s in a cave past the tracks. Luckily, there’s some cart track right next to the Bedrock Bistro that will lead exactly to where we need to go. If you would like a location on the map however, you can refer to the image below.

Tears Of The Kingdom Meat For Meat Map

My current location is where the cave you’ll find the Rock Roast is in Tears of the Kingdom. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Once you reach this cave, the first thing you’re going to need to do is get the Flame Guard resistance. This can be done with either you making something that grants this through cooking, or finding some armor that does this. We have a guide on the site for finding the armor that allows you to do this. You only need one bar of Flame Guard to enter this cave too, so only one piece of armor is necessary.

Getting the Rock Roast

Once you’re inside, you’ll need to head over the lava and grab the Rock Roast that you can see. You can do this by running to the right, gliding over, then using Ultrahand and dropping the Rock Roast on the other side of the lava. This presents a problem however, to complete Meat for Meat, you have to get back across the lava, and there’s seemingly no obvious way to do so. If you look around though, you should see a ledge that has some Brightbloom Seeds on it, and up there you should find two ways of crossing the gap.

Tears Of The Kingdom Meat For Meat Ledge

Up here you’ll find the rockets and hydrants to use in the Meat for Meat quest. Screenshot by PC Invasion

You can either use a hydrant to make a path for yourself, or attach a rocket to a shield and then use the height from that to glide over. Either works fine, so pick whichever you prefer. After you do this, take the Rock Roast outside, and now it’s time to take it back to the Bedrock Bistro to complete Meat for Meat. You can either run this there yourself, which will take a while, or you can use the nearby materials to make a minecart and get it back quickly and stylishly. After you take it back, drop it near the counter, and a cutscene will play completing Meat for Meat.

Tears Of The Kingdom Meat For Meat Cart

Here’s the cart I made for the Meat for Meat quest in Tears of the Kingdom. Screenshot by PC Invasion

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for purchase from the Nintendo Store.

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