33 Immortals, Spiritfarer Dev’s New Uniquely Numbered Co-op

33 Immortals, Spiritfarer Dev's New Uniquely Numbered Co Op

Thunder Lotus Games, the indie developers of the acclaimed 2020 Management Simulator Spiritfarer, showed off their newest and biggest project to date at the Xbox Showcase: 33 Immortals, a combat centric co-op game… with thirty two other players.

33 Immortals: Fight your way out of Hell together

The premise of the game puts the player as a damned soul. The soul rebels against God with 32 other damned souls, working together to fight their way out of damnation and face down God himself. It’s a colorful premise, a far cry from the peaceful journey of Spiritfarer, even if both involve the afterlife. Set against the striking visual style Thunder Lotus Games has become known for, the trailer for 33 Immortals shows a very fast paced combat game with hordes of enemies on the screen to fight against. Meanwhile, all the fiery oranges and golds of Hell are contrasted against dark reds and blacks to make for a visually unique take on the well traveled setting, and the monster designs pop out on the background in a colorful style.

33 Immortals Combat Showcase

Screenshot via Xbox YouTube

33 Immortals is implied to have a trial and error-based gameplay style. The players will fail over and over again but come back stronger to progress. But most interesting of all is the game’s central mechanic. How well can a team of 33 different players work together? Especially in a world where co-op usually means only two players working together? How will the game let 33 players coordinate and communicate, if at all? It’s certainly as ambitious of an idea as it sounds on paper. Yet maybe that’s just what it needs to become something truly unique in the long run.

33 Immortals All Together

Screenshot via Xbox YouTube

33 Immortals releases early access sometime in 2024. It will be available on the Epic Games Store, Windows PC, and Xbox Gamepass for both console and PC.

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