Sea of Thieves gets a new content crossover: The Legend of Monkey Island

Sea Of Thieves Gets A New Content Crossover The Legend Of Monkey Island

Rare’s pirate fantasy multiplayer Sea of Thieves has been steadily gaining traction since its 2018 release, and now it hits players with not just a new wave of content, but an entire crossover to boot: The next major content drop from Sea of Thieves is a crossover with the Monkey Island franchise. Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island is coming very soon.

The Legend of Monkey Island: New Sea of Thieves content set for June

Sea Of Thieves Gets A New Content Crossover The Legend Of Monkey Island Monkey Island

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In the upcoming drop, players get to explore new locations such as Mêlée Island and meet Guybrush Threepwood, the main character of Monkey Island games. Puzzles and trials are undergone, adversaries dealt with- including a threat to both worlds, and new Tall Tales are coming.

The Legend Of Monkey Island Guybrush

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The Monkey Island series is long-running, starting all the way back in 1990 with The Secret of Monkey Island and releasing a game as recently as 2022, Return to Monkey Island. Monkey Island now joins Pirates of the Caribbean as a canonical addition to the world of Sea of Thieves. As Monkey Island takes partial inspiration from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, perhaps this was an inevitable addition. It seems Rare really wants this game to end up as the ultimate pirate world to ever exist. The developers promise the story of this new content explains how Monkey Island connects to the rest of the world. What other pirate-related properties could become part of Sea of Thieves in the future?

Sea Of Thieves The Legend Of Monkey Island

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The Legend of Monkey Island’s first content drop comes free to Sea of Thieves players on June 20th. With this drop comes three new Tall Tales for players to experience. Perhaps if we’re lucky, this will initiate a return to a more monthly update schedule for the game.

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