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If you’re looking to remove Genshin Impact, this should be straightforward. However, due to the large plethora of text on the screen, the instructions may get buried underneath all that. Each device the game is on has its own method, and it does not give you any indication of how to uninstall Genshin Impact. But we at PCI have figured out all the ways to remove the game completely. This may get you into Honkai Star Rail faster, which may be the better game between the two. Read on for help on how to uninstall Genshin Impact across all devices.

Genshin Impact: How to uninstall the game on all devices

As mentioned, the game is available on several platforms. This guide will cover the following:

  • PC
  • Mobile
  • PlayStation

Each platform has its own way to do this, but don’t worry, they’re all pretty easy.

Uninstalling Genshin Impact on PC

On a computer, there are multiple ways to remove Genhsin Impact. The first method is going by uninstalling from the Control Panel. This guide on how to remove Genhsin Impact on PC will show you the steps.

The second route is done via Epic Games. Since the game can be installed from the Epic Game Store, you can easily remove it from the storefront as well. Follow the steps below.

  • Open Epic Games Launcher.
  • Navigate to your library.
  • Search for Genshin Impact in your library.
  • Click the three dots on the right of the game’s tile.
  • Press Uninstall and then wait.

 Uninstalling Genshin Impact on Mobile

Genshin Impact is on both Android and iOS and both are relatively simple.

On Android, there are a couple of ways to do this.

  • Search for the game on your phone.
  • Once you’ve found it, long-tap the game and click uninstall.
  • After this, simply wait for a notification to pop up.

The next way has a few extra steps but is just as easy to do.

  • Head to the Google Store.
  • Press your profile button on the top right-hand corner.
  • Look for the Select Manage Apps and Devices options and click Manage.
  • Search for Genshin Impact in this list.
  • Hit the delete icon, and once again — wait.

Removing the game on iOS is straightforward. Simply long-press the game’s icon and then press uninstall.

Removing the game from your PlayStation libuary

This method works on both the PlayStation 4 and the next-gen PlayStation 5.

  • Make your way to your games library and search for the Genshin Impact.
  • When you reach Genshin Impact, select the options button.
  • After you’re in this menu, press delete. This will uninstall the game.


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