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Signalis: Guides and features hub

Signalis Guides And Features Hub

You are Elster, a replika/replicant or an android in search of a loved one. On a desolate world, you might just find the answers that you’re seeking, but are you prepared for the dangers that await. Here’s our Signalis guides and features hub to help you acquire some missable weapons and solve the game’s tricky puzzles.

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Signalis: Guides and features hub

Official reviewSignalis has a confusing story, though it does have flashy scenes. It’s got reanimating enemies, creepy levels, and puzzles with their own puzzles. Is the experience worth your while?

Area 1 – Facility Upper Floors

Block A6 Lockpick Puzzle – Find the sweet spot for this one.

5-Lock Door – You’ll need five keys to open this massive door.

Blank Key – A Blank Key requires a specific pattern.

Sword Safe and Sword Key – You’ll have to check your radio and a note to see the right combination.

Area 2 – Facility Basement

Fuse Box and Paternoster Lift – The first order of business is to repair the elevator.

Flashlight Module and Dark Rooms – Next, you’ll need a flashlight to explore pitch-black rooms.

Falke’s Music Box, Island Painting, and Cassette Tape – The music box will only open if you’re playing the right tune.

Astrolabe Shrine Box, Library Key, and Eagle Key – Take note of the alignment of the planets.

How to get the Revolver – It’s definitely not in the x-ray machine.

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Area 3 – Nowhere

How to open doors with symbols – There are keypads with odd symbols.

6-Plates Door – The main puzzle is, you guessed it, another massive door.

Empress Rings – If you like it, then you should’ve put a ring on it.

Wooden Dolls – Create your own Matryoshka doll.

How to get Isa’s Rifle – Get your friend to wake up so you can have this weapon.

Area 4 – Rotfront

Butterfly Pareidolia Safe – Find out what the word means and you’ll see the solution staring you in the face.

Magpie Box and Computer Antenna – The sound of chirping birds will unlock this object.

Lovers Card, Tower Card, and Sun Card – Acquire the other cards in this area.

Tarot Board and Moons Mural – Once you have everything, it’s time to solve the mural puzzle.

Other guides

Final boss – There’s one more showdown left.

Achievement guide – Unlock all the achievements in the game.

Original Soundtrack – Listen to all the haunting tunes.

Signalis is available via Steam.

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