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Pentiment‘s story takes place in a quiet village somewhere in Bavaria. The tumultuous events of the 16th century are in full swing, and artist Andreas Maler is right in the middle of a murder mystery. In an attempt to save his friend and mentor, he might also end up discovering a more sinister secret. Here’s our Pentiment guides and features hub to help you with various mechanics and facets of the game.

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Pentiment guides and features hub

Official review – With a unique artistic style, one wherein the characters and text are akin to paintings and manuscripts, Pentiment truly manages to outshine the rest. Still, there are some notable flaws, not the least of which is a very restrictive save system.

Map navigation and daily cyclePentiment‘s map layout is easy enough to get used to. Likewise, you need to be mindful of the time of day and your basic requirements. You can’t really do some sleuthing if Andreas has to eat or sleep.

Character backgrounds – Certain choices present you with additional dialogue options while conversing with various NPCs.

How to solve the first murder – One fella ends up dead, murdered in the abbey. You know the one they suspect is innocent, but will you be able to find the person who’s guilty?

Volvelle Puzzle solution – There’s a particularly tricky puzzle that lets you unearth buried objects.

How to solve the second murder – Of course, the troubles in Tassing continue. This time, the peasants are driven to a frenzy, and it’s up to Andreas to sort things out.

Roman pottery vase puzzle guide – It seems the Romans have left behind a lot of artifacts. It’s time to solve this diagram piece by piece.

Final mural and endings guide – There are a few decisions that you need to make near the conclusion of the campaign.

Pentiment is available via Steam.

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