How to complete Homegrown in Hateno in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a bunch of side content for you to partake in. Whether that’s through simply finding yourself a new horse, completing different Korok challenges, or even just making a dent in the 100+ side quests the game has to offer, there’s plenty to do. Side quests take up a considerable portion of the side content, due to the sheer amount of them, and their rewards range from a new ingredient to armor and weapons. One side quest is Homegrown in Hateno, which you can receive from Reede in Hateno Village after the Mayoral Election questline wraps up. Here’s our guide on how to complete Homegrown in Hateno in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to complete Homegrown in Hateno in Tears of the Kingdom

The first step to completing Homegrown in Hateno is to actually get the quest. This quest unlocks after completing the Mayoral Election questline, which can take a little while to complete. After completing that quest, you can talk to Reede in a vegetable patch just to the left of the entrance to Hateno Village, and he will give you the quest.

Tears Of The Kingdom Homegrown In Hateno

Around here is where you can find Reede to start this quest. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Homegrown in Hateno involves fighting off some monsters who have been trying to get at the crops, and keeping them at bay until sunrise. When you talk to Reede, you have the option to try the quest directly from the conversation.

Choosing this option will take you to the early morning where you’ll need to defend the crops until either you beat enough monsters or sunrise occurs. Watch out though, as Reede is standing in the patch of vegetables, and if he gets hit enough times it’ll be game over. Sunrise occurs at 5am, meaning that you might need to defend the crops from monsters for around two hours of in-game time. If you defeat enough monsters though, it will skip to sunrise as the threat will have disappeared.

Luckily all of the monsters in the Homegrown in Hateno quest are Stal-variants, meaning they go down with a couple hits, then you need to hit the skulls as they roll around on the ground.

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