How to pour beer in Dave the Diver

How to pour beer in Dave the Diver

It blows my mind how many people have drunk a million beers in their life but have no idea how to pour the perfect pint. I feel it’s a right of passage for anyone who feels qualified to prop up the other side of the bar. In MINTROCKET’s fantastic game, Dave the Diver, being able to pour a beer is a surefire way to not only get the customers coming back but keep them happy. The thing is, it isn’t all that easy. Pouring a pint takes time, angles, and head control.

How to pour beer in Dave the Diver

You unlock the beer-pouring minigame as you achieve gold status on the popular app in Dave the Diver. Beers keep the punters happy and earn Dave and the Sushi restaurant a couple of extra dollars to spend. A perfectly poured beer earns the most money.

How to pour beer in Dave the Diver

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To pour the perfect pint, the beer machine will give you a guide on how much head there should be in the glass. It should be about 20%. The head is controlled by timing on pour and when you start to tip the glass to level it out again. It takes practice, but good things come to those who wait.

Just like the Green Tea drink, you will want to start off your pour by pressing the S button on your keyboard. This will start the drink pouring. Once the beer pours to just over the halfway mark on the glass, you need to level it out to start creating the perfect head. Press D to level the glass to have Dave the Diver stop pouring the liquid in. You can then add a little more beer to bring it up to the rim; this should pout the perfect beer.

Finally, it is worth noting that you can train your staff to pour beers in Dave the Diver. So this will keep you free to serve impatient customers, and they will always do it perfectly.

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