How to catch the Moray Eel in Dave the Diver

How to catch the Moray Eel in Dave the Diver
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Moray eels are terrifying, long, slimy, gross murderers of the sea. Maybe I’m giving them a bad rap, but they’re not my favorite. In MINTROCKET’s game, Dave the Diver, it is up to your to rid the seas of these fearsome beasts. The 8-Bit beauty of the underwater exploration and culinary conquest tasks you with catching and cooking many an aquatic beast. The Moray Eel is just one of the many challenging fish you need to catch in Dave the Diver, and knowing how it’s done will save you some serious air in your tanks.

How to catch the Moray Eel in Dave the Diver

Before you catch the Moral Eel, you will have had of made enough progress through the core story missions to have acquired a number of things. Firstly, you will need a head torch which is acquired from Duff. It is gained via a treacherous journey at the bottom of the ocean. Secondly, Dave the Diver will need to be given the quest ‘A Noisy Customer’ in which a new critic turns up and demands a plateful of Moray Eel. Not a delicacy I would usually go for, but I’m a gaming journalist, not a food one.

How to catch the Moray Eel in Dave the Diver

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Go night fishing

Once you have reached both these milestones in Dave the Diver, you will be ready to go out and catch the Moray Eels. You may have seen them on dives previously, hiding in their little holes. They aren’t possible to lure out and catch during the day. So, you will have to come back at night with your head torch.

You will have unlocked the ability to go out at night, provided the sushi bar allows it. Doing so will put Dave the Diver face to face with Moral Eels outside of their caves. You need to be careful as they’re not friendly fish. Arm yourself with a powerful gun and harpoon and hack away at their health until they’re stunned. You can tell a fish is stunned by the lazy way they wave side to side. You should now be able to approach and catch the Moray Eel in Dave the Diver.

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