How to customize your wand in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Customize Wand
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A key element to any Wizarding World game is the ability to customize your wand. Naturally, people are wondering how to customize their wands in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. Since the game throws you in and doesn’t explain much, here is exactly how to customize your wand in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

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Harry Potter Magic Awakened: How to customize your wand

Harry Potter Magic Awakened does a lot of things right, but one thing that is missing is the ability to customize your wand. Just to put it bluntly, you can’t customize your starter wand in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. The wand truly picks the witch or wizard in this game.

While you get a random wand at the start of Harry Potter Magic Awakened that you can’t customize or change at all, the game allows you to customize your wand through Wand Skins.

There are currently nine Wand Skins (including your starter wand) to choose from in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. All the Wand Skins are unlocked in different ways and they all have different bonuses (which is why I recommend checking out our best wand guide).

Most wands are locked behind a vague “time-limited unlock” which I think means that these wands will be available to collect during specific events. There are a few wands that are “coming soon to Ollivander’s Wand Shop,” so look out for the Wand Skin update in the near future.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Mystery Wheel Wand Skin

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Every Wand Skin in Harry Potter Magic Awakened is currently locked behind unknown dates and times. However, there is one wand, Rook’s Revenge, that is unlocked via the Mystery Wheel which is unlocked and available now!

To spin the Mystery Wheel, you need to spend Clockturn Keys which are bought with Gems. The probability of you getting Rook’s Revenge is 1.50%, which is extremely low, but it could happen! Spinning is the only way to “customize” your wand in Harry Potter Magic Awakened — and Rook’s Revenge is one of the better wands — so get spinning!

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