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The gold standard of flight sim returns with Flight Simulator 2024. With an emphasis on what you, as the player, want to be, you should be pulled in very easily. Building on the popularity of the previous entry, Flight Simulator 2024 wants you to make a career in aviation. While this may seem like a far cry in real life, in a game that’s as detailed as Flight Simulator 2024, this could be as close as you get. From the trailer, the game is taking the best of what the older entries had and making it ten times better. Read on to find out how.

Flight Simulator 2024: Make your own career

In Flight Simulator 2024, you won’t just be flying casually. You can have a career across a multitude of different options. This includes search and rescue, fire combat, aerial construction, and so much more. So it looks like flying isn’t just the main focus, but rather the world around flying. This could be a game changer for the sim because with this expanded style, one can do a lot more and get a deeper investment.

If you played any Flight Simulators, there were a ton of updates, so there should be no surprise with the post-release updates for this entry.

While there’s so tentative release date for Flight Simulator 2024, we were given a window for 2024. So hopefully, if there are no delays, we should expect the game to drop sooner than later. Much like any other Xbox exclusive, Flight Simulator 2024 will also launch on day one on Game Pass as well.

Discover Arrakis

The post-support of Flight Simulator 2024 may be something to look forward to. From playing the last entry, Asobo Studios has been very busy putting out aircrafts, years after the game has come out. If you own Flight Simulator, you will be able to fly the Ornithopter (also known as the Thopter). Inspired by Frank Herbert’s epic Dune, you’ll use the famed aerial vehicle that the Fremen have mastered. On top of that, it seems like you may be able to go to the spice planet of Arrakis. Navigating the sand planet could be an interesting thing to do — I know I will be taking part in this.

Expect this update to appear later, on November 21.


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