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Construction Simulator (2022) is a soft reboot of Astragon Entertainment’s long-running sim series. Players have full control of all sorts of licensed heavy machinery, including equipment from companies like, Caterpillar, Case, Kenworth, MAN, and lots more. Build your rising construction empire across two fictional cities, one located in the USA and the other in Germany. For a bit of help, we’ve prepared some Construction Simulator guides.

By your efforts, you’ll add new amenities to each city, from small jobs like new parks and roads, to massive undertakings like constructing a new college, hotels, and even restoring a historic castle. There are over 90 contracts to complete, resulting in dozens of hours worth of gameplay that’ll have you lifting objects with cranes, digging ditches with excavators, pouring cement with cement pumps, paving new roads with compactors — just to name a few of the tasks that need to get done.


Construction Simulator: Guides and features hub

Official review“The sim’s beautiful visuals offer a richly detailed world to explore and work in, but its simplified mechanics and tedious design choices can turn some hardcore simmers away. Yet it still provides an all-round decent heavy machinery experience.”

How to speed up a job With so many tasks at hand, things in Construction Simulator can get overwhelming for some players. Here’s a handy guide that will show you how to skip parts of a job, and other time-saving mechanics to help you knock out as many jobs in as little time as possible.

Spending less money and saving more No business is a good business unless it’s got a decent cashflow. Completing jobs can net you some big rewards, but it’s all too easy to blow it all. This guide will show you factors that should be kept in mind to spend the least amount of money as possible, while also reaping bigger rewards as you continue completing jobs.

Which map should you start on? With two large maps at your disposable, it may be intimidating to decide which will offer the best experience. But, you might be surprised to learn there’s more parity between the two than you might think.

Construction Simulator is available on PC via Steam.

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