Capcom unveils latest game with Traditional Japanese aesthetic- Path of the Goddess

Capcom Unveils Latest Game With Traditional Japanese Aesthetic Path Of The Goddess

Capcom unveiling a new fighting game is nothing out of the ordinary, but in a studio known for grittier series like Resident Evil, their newest project revealed today, Path of the Goddess, strikes a different and beautiful chord.

Path of the Goddess – New Traditional Japanese Aesthetic Combat game from Capcom

The trailer for Path of the Goddess is told completely wordlessly. After a shot of a bowing character, we’re shown shot after shot of beautiful or haunting scenery overrun with monsters.

Path Of The Goddess Monsters

Screenshot via Xbox YouTube

Then the character from before reappears, in a stance almost as if she were transported from her previous location, and a masked figure with a sword comes down and cuts through the darkness.

The most interesting shot from the combat footage for me is showing the figure defeating a monster who turns into a person. Are we dealing with a cursed land that must be freed? Is that why the praying character enlists their help? The description for the trailer describes the story as a battle between mortal men and the spirit realm. While involving spirits is on par for Capcom, the rest is a step in a new direction.

Path Of The Goddess Combat Showcase

Screenshot via Xbox YouTube

Regardless of what the game’s story is, the combat shown in the trailer is absolutely stunning. The characters move with grace and elegance from one move to the next. It feels less like a video game and more like watching a performance. This is likely intended, given the presence of dancing in other parts of the trailer. All in all, it comes together in a trailer with a self-described traditional Japanese aesthetic unlike anything else Capcom has done thus far. Though little more information is available, the trailer leaves enough of an impression to want more.

There is no release date given yet for Path of the Goddess. However, it will be available with Xbox Game Pass when released.

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