The Laws of Abundance

The Laws of Abundance

The laws of abundance create everything in our lives. If you are searching for the laws of abundance you have come to the right place. There are many interesting articles on the internet about the law of abundance. Here are some of the best content on the web about the specific subject.

The hardest part about life is that we’re thrown into it without a rule book… Even in school, we are not taught the most fundamental things that we would think are essential, like how to handle emotional or mental challenges, how to be successful with money and relationships, etc

The laws of abundance have to do with something also known as “the laws of the universe”. They’re basically a set of beliefs related to positive thinking. According to the laws of abundance, you’re more likely to be successful if you think you will be. What that means is that a mentality of abundance will help you achieve your goals. Here are the laws of abundance.

The law of creation

Thoughts and emotions create the reality we live in. In other words, everything tangible exists within everything intangible.we have the ability to create whatever it is that we want to be, do, or have if we start by feeling or thinking it.

The Law of Mirrors

Think of a mirror. It reflects exactly what you put in front of it. I find life to be the same exact way. Whatever attitude or emotion we bring to our life will determine the appearance of what we see… If you look at life with anger in your heart, you’ll find plenty to be angry about. If you look at life with love in your heart, you’ll find plenty of things to be grateful for.

The simple truth is that life is a purely SUBJECTIVE experience. What we think and feel about the world “out there” is stemming from inside of us!

When we blame life for our own emotions, it’s like blaming a mirror for accurately reflecting what’s in front of it.

We’re looking in the wrong direction…


The first major step I took towards a more peaceful and prosperous life was to begin taking full 100% responsibility for my thoughts and emotions rather than blaming someone or something else for my problems.

Most people avoid this because it might bring too much guilt. It’s easier in the short term to blame others, but the downside is that it keeps us trapped exactly where we are and prevents us from knowing our true power to choose our own destiny.

There’s no reason to feel guilty or blame ourselves, however. We all do the best we can until we know better. When we learn of our power, we start exercising it. This knowledge empowers us. No guilt or shame is necessary.

The law of vibration

You receive whatever you think about most, whether you want it or not.

This one is like the first law. The more you feel or think something, the more likely it is for you to create it. Like he says in that quote, this could have a negative effect if your thoughts or emotions aren’t positive.

The Law of Right Intention

A lot of people will tell you that the secret to success in life is to “just take action” and keep moving forward. It’s not horrible advice, but it fails to take into account the power of intention…

Two people of the same skill level can take the same exact actions and yet get completely different results. Why?

Because the intention behind the action is a major determining factor that is too often overlooked.

For example, someone who strives for success with a hidden motive of revenge will get very different results than someone doing it for love…


Your intention not only determines the result but it also determines how happy you will be during the process of achieving that result, and how long you will be able to sustain your success…

If you do something for the love of it, chances are you’ll be happy regardless of the outcome, and because you have the power of positive intention behind your actions, you’ll likely get great results with little effort or exertion and thus be able to maintain those results without getting burnt out.

The surest way to success is to make sure all the actions you take are infused with love. If there’s no love, there’s no lasting happiness, and no amount of material success can buy it for you.

Do what you love. If you can’t, then at least find a way to love what you do. Better opportunities will come to you when you’re living life with positive energy.

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