10 Killer Steps To Depression Recovery For Good!

Steps to Depression Recovery

If you are looking for effective steps to depression recovery, you have come to the right place. Depression can range from the usual feeling of being sad to the constant experience of drowning in the toilet bowl from which we never seem to be able to escape. Whatever you experience from falling into your emotional trash can, it is important to realize that depression has a deeper cause and purpose.

There are many very funny stories we can tell ourselves about who we are and how life is based on a depressing life event. Some stories make us feel constantly nostalgic and completely hopeless about life, while others make us deeper and softer and make a long-life journey even deeper and richer.

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In my personal healing journey, I have discovered that life’s most spiritually rich depths are the divine purpose of falling into this coldest and darkest emotional valley. We need the valleys to really appreciate the peaks, and we need to scale those peaks to get a higher perspective. Life can not only have peaks without valleys to support its base. The valleys give us space to relax in our dark cave where we can rest, start anew and discover a deeper joy we never knew existed inside.

But if we continue to fall back into the same dark, cold valley week after week, we lose the energy to climb the mountain top and miss the broad, luminous perspective we will get from the highest peak. By repeating depressing stories in our heads without expanding into a larger spiritual perspective, we become emotionally the protagonists of the set of this depressing film.

It can happen to anyone. By emotionally repeating only a previous experience of loss or failure, we can begin to feel helpless, hopeless, powerless, and an angry victim of life. When the mind is trapped in this raging sacrificial wheel, the emotional body becomes unable to release the heavy stress it entails. Anger must not be expressed, so we implode and become depressed. We can then get lost in this dark cycle of spin for months or years, completely forgetting to manifest our dreams, our desires, and basking in the radiant, nourishing, and healing sun our body loves.

The mind is a genius at designing a rational plot and story to hold on to depressing beliefs about life. He invents story after story to stick to a particular version he thinks is true, to try to understand the chaos. The spirit likes to understand things, it will always be right with its history. You want confirmation, acceptance, and proof that your thoughts and feelings are the truth of your whole life and not just transient entertainment.

However, the soul always has a larger plan that the mind cannot see. The soul (heart) remains in the background, behind the depressing scenes that unfold in the mind, leading the subconscious to its true destiny with spiritual awakening from hibernation. When your mind chooses to wander in the emotional slums, it serves to deepen the experience of life. Somehow you are forced to fall deeper into yourself where you finally hit the bottom and surrender your ego to the divine where you discover a deeper state of consciousness that lives in your being.

The Journey Through Depression is a purge aimed at illuminating the deeper, heavier, and darker aspects that are hidden in us. That way, when you finally get to the surface to breathe again, you will bring with you a deep sense of joy, lightness, and a renewed gratitude for just being alive!

Here is a great video to overcome your sadness and depression!

Imagine someone holding their head underwater for 30 seconds longer than they would normally be able to hold their breath. How would you feel? When you reach your panic threshold and force yourself to break free, you are likely to experience a state of extreme relief. Your eyes get big and you suddenly feel so lucky to be alive and breathing again! You will immediately find your passion and clarity in your life.

This experience of drowning suppression is what depression is trying to do to you. Pushing yourself so uncomfortably that you get to a point where you feel like giving up and fighting for a breath of life when you first breathe it.

Follow these steps diligently and I promise you will wake up from the nightmare you are in. If you devote yourself fully to these activities every day, you will soon be so saturated with pure oxygen in the air that you breathe every day. The day will come when you never have to be depressed about anything again! Yes! You will naturally feel happy and brave to live again, laugh with your friends and learn to let go.


  1. Stop resisting and surrender to the experience you have. No matter what life experience we have, it’s always right. The universe does not make mistakes. When you feel really down during the day, take advantage of this precious moment to stop everything and lie on the floor to feel it. Immerse yourself completely in your most depressing experience as you tune in to the vibration and energy of the planet below you. You need deep rest, which is why you are depressed.

Let your whole being surrender to the large, beautiful stone that holds you and relax deeply into the center of your deepest being. Allow yourself to dissolve into the experience of surrender until you reach a space within yourself where your body cannot move a single muscle.

This level of surrender is very deep, so I invite you to do this deep mental/emotional release exercise. When you lay your body on the ground, imagine that you are dead. Yes, you are already a corpse, ready to burn in the fire or throw yourself into the grave. Go through your own imagined death experience in your mind to really let go of your body and your attachment to your mind. Give all you have to the earth and become one with it.

It allows you to let go of all emotions and resist negative emotions that constantly arise and try to be suppressed or controlled.

When you encounter a blockage, to feel your resistance more deeply, then reach out and unite with that resistance. Be open to exploring every little bodily sensation you feel. As you do this, don’t stop until you feel complete peace and tranquility in all aspects of your life. The big secret here is not to fight, avoid or resist the experience you have on a subtle level.


  1. Change your diet to 75% raw fruits and vegetables. If you want a good vibe, stay away from any food or drink that comes in a box, bag, or box. Machine-made processed foods will not awaken your higher consciousness, but a vegetarian diet with raw fruits will. Raw foods contain the highest and most powerful energy (from the sun) and set the stage for your brain to access increased energy levels, making it hard to fall into any kind of constant blues.


  1. Stay away from alcohol or drugs of any kind. Most depressed people drink and smoke often to relieve deep emotional pain, abandonment, death, or deeper broken relationships. The temporary high due to drugs or alcohol subside for a long time, resulting in the need to detoxify the brain and body. The next day, still deal with the hangover and deal with the long chemical breakdown it causes in your brain.

This makes it very difficult to think and feel happy thoughts for several days at a time, and addicts who fail at low levels often “bite the dog’s hair” and pump the drug/alcohol back into the system. This cycle will overwhelm him/her and he/she will be back on the chemical roller coaster. The best advice is don’t start at all and just order water, soda, or a Bloody Mary in the evening.


  1. Stop eating solid foods for 36-72 hours. One of the most powerful and effective ways to truly conquer the depths of chronic depression is to dedicate 2-3 days to fasting or cleansing. Depending on the severity of the toxicity, rebooting the system can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 months. You can make a juicer out of the water, fruit juice, and/or vegetables to train your brain to get rid of the connection it absolutely needs to survive on… food!

When you stop eating, your mind is cleared of all thoughts, including those that make you sad and hopeless.


  1. Jump for joy because you live. A great technique that will really make the pleasure valve pump dopamine into your brain is to physically jump up and scream with excitement every morning! Yes, physically jump up and down for at least 15 seconds and shout “I’m excited!” I’m excited! I’m excited! I’m excited! It will instantly fill your brain with a happy and creative cocktail of positive chemicals and make you think about what you are really passionate about in life. until you get over it until you really start to enjoy this chance to be alive again.


  1. Exercise your body for at least 20 minutes every morning. Getting more oxygen into your body and brain is the key to feeling good, energetic, happy, and free. If you really want to feel good, exercise as soon as you wake up. Go until you are sweaty and keep walking until you feel exhausted. This will flood your brain with positive, happy chemicals that will make it so much harder for you to be sad the rest of the day.


  1. Think outside the box and communicate. Get out of the box at least 3 days a week and get to know a person and/or a group of people. Two or more people you include in a conversation are considered a group. Learn to be social and not talk about intellectual things that bother you more! When you are in your group, speak from your heart and share something authentic, emotional, sincere, or grateful in life. Speak only from a positive perspective, especially when you feel the need to share something traumatic, negative, or depressing.

Put the cheeky story aside and laugh out loud every time you interact. You can add a lighter page to your story that includes a level of gratitude and gratitude that you do not take down everyone’s mood. It’s your social moment special, to be honored with the world about what you meet on the inside, all in approving your story to share what is positive in you and discover what you are really recognizing in and life


  1. Give & receive at least three hugs a day. We are energetic beings with a biomagnetic need to love and give/receive contact with other people. Science has shown that the more physically loving contact we have every day, the longer, healthier, and happier we live. Stop being afraid to touch others or force your heart on them! Open your arms to hug everyone who enters your home, even if it is a complete stranger! Give yourself a sincere touch and touch others. Who knows, maybe this will be the last time you see her? Be honest with people and meet them where they are. Other things you can do to get a connection are a massage, asking a friend to hold your hand, or sitting down with their intimate partner and touching them very slowly, calmly, and attentively. By increasing the level of conscious physical contact you have every day, you change the body’s biomagnetic field and change happy brain chemistry in the process.


  1. Be more sensual and sexually active. Whether it’s for personal pleasure, to engage with a partner, the movement of sexual energy will always make you feel more expanded, liberated, and alive. Start a sensual relationship with yourself and/or your partner several times a week. If you are too oppressed to open up to anyone, remember that there are many people on the planet who are just as oppressed and seeking the same as you.

After a crazy night of tantric love, it is very difficult for the brain to be sad about life the next day. The strongest vibration occurs just before orgasm. In this ecstatic state, you can do almost anything you want. If you are picky and do not seem to find the right partner, have fun as often as possible. Do not be shy, this is your life and an opportunity to experience the freedom and joy of life!


  1. Connect with God’s Source. Meditate and pray for healing and direction of the universe every morning, noon, and night. No one can be depressed when they discover their personal connection with the divine.

Sit down for a few minutes a day and reflect on the source of love. Do you want to know where the source of love comes from? With this exploration, relax and rest deep in your body, very gently and deeply, until you become aware of what is in the mind. Breathe deeply and pay attention to this divine, intelligent, omnipotent, divine consciousness that is always here and now.


Practice this awareness throughout the day. Each time you understand that divine love is at the heart of every experience, you laugh instead of cry and truly get the whole cosmic joke, once and for all, lifting the veil from your eyes.

From a spiritual perspective, depression is a mysterious cold block that makes our souls stronger, more receptive to life, more focused, and sinking deeper. Depression takes us so deep within ourselves that we eventually wrest control of the ego away from ourselves and gain full, conscious control of the mind. Ultimately, this is your divine purpose. We really have to put our ego aside if we want to have the courage to face and overcome our depression.

We need to find true humility in the area we are passionate about and make our hearts sing! Oh, and maybe the best part is that when depression leaves our lives, we allow ourselves to be completely wild and wild and free! Marvelous! We understand that this life is about finding what truly makes us more alive, more excited, and more passionate about being here. Why are we here on this planet? Why are you not here now and present on the planet? Think about it…

For me personally, the most important thing to take away from this antidepressant journey is that depression comes from a lack of expression. The damp energy of depression simply needs to meet a warmer, fierier, or passionate energy to balance it out. You can say you get good results from really getting active and expressing yourself through what you are so passionate about in life. It basically means you stop resisting the urge to re-express what you love in life.

If you can’t get hot or angry at something (which makes you feel very powerful), put out the flame with a cold towel. For! If you’re feeling excitement, passion, or anger right now, let it out (throw it in the trash…don’t force it on anyone) and you’ll probably forget you’ve ever been down. The deeper the depression, the stronger and more intense the expression to balance things and balance the mind… and that’s really exciting!

Another amazing feature of depression is that it makes us unconsciously discover the mission and purpose of life. You have to find it to overcome depression. It means we are pushed to the threshold of doing inspired acts of love in the world, which will then help the rest of humanity overcome their inner darkness and apocalyptic history. When we become aware of what excites us in life and take active action every day, all forms of depression should go away. They do not have a choice. When our lives are inspired to do things that make us truly happy, content, and energized, then we become truly alive, not overwhelmed.

Today is your day to take your life to the next level of joy, even if you are not depressed in the least! I want you to discover what’s really fun and take your fun factor to a whole new level.

The day you dedicate yourself 100% to serving humanity in the most interesting and enlightening way, all depression in your life will cease to exist. The universe has given you the perfect ingredients to wake up naturally and use the power God gave you to heal yourself. You can do it!! There are no rules for doing them, just do it with a kid’s attitude and explore!! The secret to real results is to repeat these steps to depression recovery as often as possible.

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