Dating A Bipolar Man – Signs You’re Dating A Bipolar Man

Signs you're dating a bipolar man

When I was dating a bipolar man, I learned a lot about what signs you’re dating a bipolar man and about the warning signs that people who are diagnosed with this mental illness exhibit. A lot of times, when people are really bipolar, they don’t display all the common warning signs of someone who is manic-depressive. They do not exhibit mood swings or have sudden fits of anger or sadness. You can tell by the way they act or by the way they talk about things that they aren’t happy with and they are definitely not in a good mood most of the time.

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Here are some of the signs you’re dating a bipolar man. If he’s constantly moody and angry, but always calm and rational afterward, then he may be bipolar. Another sign that you’re dating a bipolar man is if he has a tendency to leave the house at the worst possible moment. Sometimes he will leave in a bad mood and come back later and be angry all over again. Other times, he’ll come home from work and simply sit down and have a good conversation with you.

There are a few other signs you’re dating a bipolar man. If he gets into fights from time to time, especially if it’s with you, then he could be bipolar. If he is extremely religious and tells you that he is going to hell because you don’t believe in him, then he could be bipolar. He will literally change his mind and act strange and irrational all the time so that you are afraid for no reason. You just can’t understand why.

One of the other signs you’re dating a bipolar man is if he begins to carry a gun around with him at all times. Some of the worst kinds of men will begin to carry guns when they leave their homes and go out on dates or even for a simple walk to the store. They seem to think that they will be better protected from women or any other kind of threat. It’s important to know that this isn’t true and he should never have a gun. It’s better for you and for him to simply keep it in his car or some other place out of the way.

Of course one of the biggest signs you’re dating a bipolar man is if he seems like a very unstable person who does anything and everything just to get a woman to fall for him. If he is constantly getting into arguments, gets violent and depressed when he is with you, and begins to disappear into a world of fantasy when you are trying to get him to talk about his problems, he is not only lying to you but is confusing you. This is a very dangerous man. He doesn’t want to deal with you and he will often lie to you to cover his tracks and make sure that he can continue on his merry-go-round with his friends. If you are around these signs you’re dating a bipolar man, you need to break up with him. There is nothing worse than dealing with a man who won’t let go of his bipolar world and will always come back to you for support.

You also need to know that he will often lie to you about being ill or having a serious problem at work. You need to make sure that the two of you don’t share a romantic evening together and that he never tells you he has something better brewing in his career. The truth is that many people lie to cover up their own issues and bipolar man is no different. When it comes down to it, he’s not interested in learning about your problems or helping you; he just needs to lie to you to cover up his own issues.

One of the other signs you’re dating a bipolar man is if he always seems to be out of town when you two plan a visit. This can be very dangerous for you two as there are many instances of him lying to you about his whereabouts. You must stay watchful and on top of things if you want to protect yourself from this dangerous man. You could end up in a situation where he threatens you or commits suicide and you could lose your only child because of it.

You must take precautions before you decide to date a bipolar man because the signs are easy to miss. Don’t be a victim of this crazy man. If you have any doubt that he is ashy, drop him like a hot potato. It may take a lot of work and effort, but you can overcome this challenge if you are determined enough. If you are going to be with a bipolar man you must stay on your toes.

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