Here are The Signs That a Guy is Hiding His Feelings

Signs That a Guy is Hiding His Feelings

Every girl has wondered about what signs that a guy is hiding his feelings. They are so common that girls feel that they too could be on the lookout for these. The truth of the matter is, it’s not so hard to figure out if your man is telling you the truth or not. It just takes a bit of patience and the right attitude. Here are the top 4 signs that a man is hiding his feelings.

He Doesn’t Talk to You One of the first signs that a guy is hiding his feelings is that he doesn’t talk to you. Instead, he seems to have people do all the talking around him. When a guy is doing all the talking, he’s not really feeling the love. You can easily find out if he’s feeling neglected if he says he needs to do something by himself or he always has to ask you to do something for him. If he never asks you to do anything for him, he’s not feeling loved. He may even be hoping that you will stop noticing that he’s not getting the attention that he used to.

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He Doesn’t Want You Around If your guy seems to want you to be around all the time but he feels like you’re not giving him the attention he deserves, he’s feeling abandoned. Men are the same way. If they feel like they don’t matter to you, then they will do everything they can to make sure that you notice them. So when you start hanging out with your guy more frequently but he acts like you’re not any good to him, he’s emotionally left.

He Has Sex with You More Than Ever Before – If you’ve noticed that he’s always chasing after women, he could be cheating on you. It’s easy for men to have extra sex when they feel like they aren’t getting it from their woman. If he doesn’t seem to be taking care of himself and his body lately, he may be hiding these signs that a guy is hiding his signs. This is especially true if he starts putting on weight and losing hair.

He Says He Loves You But You Just Can’t Understand – If you’ve started feeling that this guy is in love with you, he’s probably lying. He will say it so that you will believe it. He’ll also say it so that you will chase after him and get with him. If he always insists that he loves you but you just can’t understand what he’s saying, he’s feeling rejected and he’s trying to escape his heart’s desire by moving on to someone else.

He Doesn’t Want to Commit – If you notice that he’s always avoiding commitments then he’s avoiding something in his life. The worst thing that you can do when this is the case is to ignore it because it means he’s not happy with you. Men don’t like commitment, so if you two are in a relationship to make it clear that you’re not okay with the fact that he’s hiding his feelings. Let him know that you’re not happy about the situation and that you’d like to work things out. Men are very understanding when it comes to making promises they know they shouldn’t be making.

He Says He Knows You – When a guy is hiding his feelings from you, he’ll usually let you know by either telling you he doesn’t want to hurt you or by making sure that he’s constantly talking to some “special friend”. If you see a guy like this, you should begin to wonder why he would ever want to be with you. The truth is that most men don’t like to admit that they’re hurting or that they’re insecure around a woman. By the same token, when you see a guy like this it’s a huge sign that he’s completely crazy about you.

His Work History Isn’t Right – When a guy is hiding his feelings from you he’s usually doing everything possible to make his life easier. The easiest way to do this is by making sure that his job description includes work with other people. If your boyfriend is really into himself and putting work on the side then he’s just not interested in you as a person. These are just a few signs that a guy is hiding his feelings but there are many more.

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