Killer Tips On How To Surrender To The Universe

How to surrender to the universe

The sentence “how to surrender to God” or “how to surrender to the universe” is often misunderstood. In fact, “total surrender” doesn’t mean to “give up”, make a mistake in life, or lose everything important to you. Surrender is one of the most beautiful experiences life can offer, and it is more fascinating than you can ever imagine.

Surrender is the sweet release of the ego’s constant effort to make someone “better” than they are now. It means bowing to the god essence or divine essence with yourself right now. It is what frees you from your ego and allows you to immediately manifest the radically happy life you deserve and desire. Surrender frees you from any pain you feel instantly! He who can give himself up to this moment (God) invites with clarity so deep that those who begin to realize that they live in paradise on earth.

Notice what happens when you relax deeply and let God handle it or let it all flow. What do you think about your life, your relationships, and your future? The experience of letting go of the need to have control over your life is a great relief. It can be compared to the feeling of soaking your feet in a hot whirlpool after standing in uncomfortable shoes for 12 hours. A huge release happens the moment you stop pretending to be the CEO of the universe and open your mind to see and feel the great plan your soul is here for.

The sweet feeling of affection creates the energy and space for the universe to fill you with what you have sought. Through devotion, the empty feelings are caused by constant striving, pressing, and trying to achieve something better than “here now” pleasantly filled with divine goodness. The deeper you let go, the more abundance, inner peace, and joy will flow into your life. You will discover that in your essence you are pure, conscious, and intelligent energy. Through devotion, you discover true love, eternal peace, and deep fulfillment. Only through dedication can you discover the best experiences we can have.

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When you consciously give yourself to god or the universe, you are essentially letting the universe or god guide and support every decision you make. If you continue to think that you are separated and alone and that you have to work harder to manifest what you want in life, you are fighting against God or the universe and swimming against the current.

To control your reality, you must first surrender to God or the universe. Only through devotion can you release the ego-energy blockages that have hindered your path to enlightenment and the manifestations that come with it. If you can not give up, the ego protects itself and is afraid to develop. The ego is easily threatened and can pretend to be a spiritual warrior by hiding in armor. Your true self is like sunlight, it needs no protection or defense. It is a warm, loving, and expansive light energy that the only requirement is to enjoy.

Here is a great video that talks about the most effective method of surrendering to the universe or God:

When you can not give up and you feel that your heart is wrapped in armor, you block everything wonderful from entering your life. How can love enter your body when the heart is guarded all day? The moment you choose the path of devotion, the armor crumbles, and all the subtle hidden shields that surround your heart become useless. Only in this room can you experience the deep state of peace that your enlightenment will bring. Only by letting go of the need to control, defend, manipulate and protect the heart can you find true and complete freedom on the deep level of the soul.

When you trust the eternal progression and often hidden development of your soul’s journey, you will discover that god or the universe simply takes your hand and guides you directly to the wonderful life you long for. The divine source never leaves those who believe in its perfection. By giving yourself to this moment, you trust all the perfection of the universe. It allows you to attract the experience of seeing, touching, and feeling perfection. Only through this understanding is the divinely awakened being that you truly are fully realized. Only from this room with deep 100% confidence in perfection does everyone have the power of consciousness to awaken.

Perhaps the best reason to learn to surrender is that the expansive self-esteem feels so good in your body! Your heart relaxes, your chest releases, your mind opens, and you feel a warm feeling of peace in every cell within you. Self-confidence frees your mind from its normal goal-oriented approach to life, so you can begin to see the limitless possibilities available here! It allows you to take advantage of the greatest love available to mankind! Why do you want something more? There is no need to fight anymore. You’ve tried enough.

Dedication leads to trust and trust leads to devotion. And yet they are still the three sides of the same coin. What is the path between these? It is the ultimate exploration as you will go beyond the experience of devotion and trust. You will find it easy in this quiet and timeless room, free from all effort. In the eternal gap between trust and devotion, you are enlightened. There comes a day when you have to stop giving up because you also have to make an effort. Instead of trying to walk and follow the path of freedom, you have become the path yourself. Then you will have discovered that you are the divine.

“God is only there when you surrender. Forgiveness makes everything God. Forgiveness gives you eyes
and everything that is set before these eyes become divine.” – Osho

The best news of all is that the practice of devotion immediately creates incredible magic in your life. That magic is already there and happening, but surrender removes the blindfold so you can see and feel it again. By letting devotion take control of your life, you can manifest everything you want with joy and effortless ease. Through true and total surrender to the universe, there is no goal you can not achieve and nothing you can not achieve. When you surrender everything to a higher power and trust that everything is going exactly as it should, all you can see is perfection. This is where the real magic exists, making you truly unstoppable on your spiritual journey to the brightest life you can imagine.

Let me know what you think about the term “surrendering to the Universe or God!”

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