Proven Strategies On How To Heal Emotional Trauma And Pain

How To Heal Emotional Trauma And Pain

Are you looking for highly effective strategies on how to heal emotional trauma and pain? Then you are absolutely right with us. At some point in life, we all feel emotionally, mentally, and/or physically traumatized by something or someone. If we identify too much with our pain, the traumatic experience can last and stagnate throughout life. Pain is a normal part of the human experience, but it shouldn’t stay with us forever. Fortunately, there is a way to release emotional pain trapped in our cells. Below is a highly effective 7 step healing process on how to release yourself from trapped trauma and pain in your body!

1. First determine where the physical body is holding on to your emotional pain and open yourself to feeling those feelings; Emotional pain often accumulates in the abdomen, chest, or heart.

2. Join the pain by absorbing all negative emotions. Stop resisting, controlling, or pushing away painful thoughts, memories, or bodily feelings and leave the feelings alone.

3. Breathe into or inhale into the pain, feel it fully, and relax into the pain until the energy subsides. You can imagine frozen hard ice slowly melting on a hot summer day. Feel the softness in the hardness, the lightness in the weight, the freedom in the silence, etc.

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4. Feel the energy of the infinite and fully intelligent universe that physically exists around you. Let this infinite space make contact with the pain so that your trauma has a respite, is more relaxed, and you feel that it can be dissolved.

5. Let go of all identification with your pain or the stories generated by your mind. It means letting go of all the stories of your evil victim, shame, self-loathing, and low self-esteem that have popped into your head and kept the trauma in place for so long.

6. Let all the pain and trauma dissolve and evaporate. Inhale or breathe deeply and slowly and relax in the exact space in your body where the pain was stored. Connect with all thoughts, feelings, and sensations that are relaxing, freeing, and empowering.

7. Check your body for traces of pain. If a small part still remains, repeat the 7-step process until there is nothing left but a feeling of relaxation, peace, and tranquility.

Here is a great video that talks about healing your emotional pain and trauma by surrendering to your higher self! Watch it until the end to learn how to do it!

It is very important to realize that the mind is very cunning and is likely to become too distracted, evasive, and unruly to go through each step of this healing process. The mind doesn’t want to hurt itself and re-experience the pain, so it turns to the phone, food, drugs, sex, entertainment, or whatever for comfort.

Your pain may become so severe that you talk to a friend or counselor to try to understand it so you can heal it. Understanding your painful history of what happened, how it happened, and why it happened does not actually heal or release the traumatic memories trapped in the physical cells of the body. Psychoanalysis or talk therapy is a very long road to healing and often a distraction mechanism that can leave you emotionally traumatized for much longer than necessary. Good luck with your efforts of releasing the pain and emotional trauma trapped in the body!

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