Discover the Best Tips on How to Feel Confident

Here's How to Feel Confident When You are Down

There are millions of people who want to know the secrets of how to feel confident? If you are one of them, you have come to the right place. Many people think of self-confidence as an elusive trait that other people have but they don’t have. In fact, when asked the famed film director Francis Ford Coppola, what prevented aspiring actors from fulfilling their career dreams, he simply replied, “self-confidence.”

This is how important self-esteem is to the success in your career and other endeavors in life. Many people think that lack of confidence is why they are not in a position to attract their love of life, the right job, and develop the skills they want. But it is the other way around, the truth is confidence appears only after you go for what you want. Confidence appears once you step into the unknown in spite of all the nervousness and fear. Although it may take a little time depending on the mental and emotional state of the individual, there are many tricks that you can do immediately if you want to appear confident.

Here are Some of the Most Effective Techniques on How to Feel Confident?

  • Maintain Your Posture – The way an individual holds himself up physically has a lot to do with how he holds himself up mentally. You may have noticed people who lack confidence when they walk on the streets. These people have their shoulders hunched forward, they will be looking at the ground most of the time, and they take up as little space as possible. Hold your body in a way it communicates confidence. Stand tall with the shoulders and head back. Be aware of what is going on around you and keep your hand motions to a minimum. When you start to adopt this posture, you will be surprised how confident you will feel mentally.

  • Do Something that You are Good at – Anytime you try to do something new, you are bound to feel fear, and you may place yourself in a position where you fail and wonder whether you should quit. But you need to realize that any skill that is worthwhile will be preceded by failure when you are going through the learning process. This is why you need to practice doing something that you are good at. When you practice this on a daily basis, you may find your confidence growing. Practice something that you are good at on a daily basis, no matter how small it is.
  • Changing Your Environment – The latest research shows that changing your environment and taking a walk in the greenery can have a positive effect on your mood. In fact, a change in the environment changes the stimuli that are going into your brain. It will have an effect on your moment-by-moment perception of the world. You need to find the places that make you more creative, confident and happy for this purpose. Once you have such a list, you may find it easier to change the environment and regain your confidence back. For example, there are writers who feel their creativity enhancing when they visit a coffee shop. Make sure you take advantage of this tip when you are feeling low confidence.
  • Watching Your Breath and Correcting the Thoughts – Whenever you feel low-confidence, there are two things happening in your mind-body apparatus. One is shallow breathing while the other thing that happens is you start to think thoughts of a disastrous future. These things can be reversed when you start to breathe deeply and visualize a brighter future where you see yourself handling the situations in a confident and relaxed manner. These actions will help you feel confident in the present moment. These exercises should be performed in an instant as soon as you start feeling low in your confidence. Notice how you breathe and what thoughts come to your mind when this happens. It will help you reverse the negative scene and turn it into a positive scene with some practice.
  • Reframing –  When you are learning how to feel confident, reframing is an important step in reversing a low self-confident situation. Low self-esteem is always associated with negative thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings can affect your behavior and decisions. The most effective way to reframe your thoughts is to ask questions. When you ask a question, your brain will get busy finding the answers to these questions. Make sure you ask questions that will help you feel more confident when you are feeling down. Good questions to ask in a low confidence situation are: How can I make this situation work in my favor?, How can I look at this situation in a more positive way?, and What can I learn from this situation?

Use the aforementioned tips to feel empowered whenever you are feeling low in your confidence. These techniques will help you reverse the situation to a more positive state within the shortest possible time frame. This article will answer your question about how to feel confident immediately.

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