9 Effective Relationship Tips For Ladies To Attract The Right Man

Relationship Tips For Ladies

If you are looking for effective relationship tips for ladies, you have come to the place. Relationships take a lot of effort. They can be healthy if you know what you are doing. There is no magic wand to transform your romantic affair into a fairy tale. But there are so many things that you can do to make your relationships a huge success. Follow these relationship tips for ladies so that you will be really surprised how happy you would become with your relationships.

Most of the time, we operate in crisis mode where our relationships are concerned. In fact, most of us give our romantic relationship sincere attention when there is a problem to be solved. But a healthy relationship is just like a garden. Even when our interpersonal connections are going on well, weeds can grow and overtake it.

Here are some of the most effective romantic relationship advice for women to use every day to improve the connection and happiness with their partners.

  1. Loving Yourself
  2. Taking Care Of Yourself First
  3. Stop Being Needy
  4. Stop Chasing Him
  5. Learning To Be Bored
  6. Partnering Up When Life Is Getting Crazy
  7. Stop Nagging
  8. Stop Using An Ex As A Benchmark
  9. Prioritizing Intimacy

Loving Yourself

So many ladies complain they either cannot find the right man, or they will always attract jerks who do not treat them right.

It is probably because you do not love yourself enough. The most important thing to remember is that you can only attract the level of love and respect that you feel for yourself.

So, the first tip is to take note of your good qualities – whether big or small – and try hard to love yourself the way you are right now.

Taking Care Of Yourself First

If you love yourself, then you will automatically take care of yourself. This means staying healthy, getting enough sleep, going for massages, having a bubble bath, or maybe a girl’s night out.

You should feed your soul in other ways outside of your relationship or else you will not have anything left to give.

Stop Being Needy

Being needy and chasing can go hand-in-hand. If you want to see him 24/7, text him every time, and think the world resolves around him, you are really being needy.

Needy behavior becomes suffocating for most people, especially men. You may think such behaviors will help you hold on to him, but it will actually have the opposite effect – it pushes him away.

Stop Chasing Him

Unfortunately, many ladies do this a lot. In fact, you might not even know that you are actually doing it.

“Chasing” can come in many forms – it could be an obvious stalker-like behavior such as calling him 50-100 times a day. If not, it could be subtler, like you are the only one initiating contact all the time – which means that you are more interested in the relationship that he is. Chasing is usually a turn-off for men. In fact, it’s better to let him chase you.

Learning To Be Bored

A new romantic relationship will usually start off with excitement and eventually wears off. Once you spend enough time together, both of you will most probably come to a point where you have nothing much to talk about. This is the first test of a romantic relationship. In fact, it is important to learn to be bored together. Don’t expect the other person to entertain you. This is actually a foundation of a good relationship.

Your partner could lie on the couch all day long and do nothing and yet be perfectly happy. If you can take up the couch opposite him, you both can be bored at the same time and be okay with it.

Partnering Up When Life Is Getting Crazy

When people are overwhelmed, they often bring so little to their relationship. For example, you insist on seeing the new movie with your S.O on Sunday so you can get some work done, or you hardly even kiss him before bed because you are so exhausted.

The best thing is to try to be your best and most loving self at home.  In fact, the strength of your personal bond will give you the required strength to handle everything else. Always ask yourself if you are really putting as much into your romantic relationship as you are into your workout goals, career, and friendships.

When you know that the work is about to heat up, tell your partner that you are about to go through a really busy time and that you will not be able to put the energy needed into your relationship. The best solution is to cut back on your social engagements or schedule your breakfasts together instead of the dinners you know you will end up missing.

Always ask yourself if you are really putting as much into your relationship as you are into your career, workout goals or friendships. Then make changes as necessary.

Stop Nagging

If you ask a man why he broke up with his girlfriend, he may answer that she used to nag too much. What really is nagging? Is calling your significant other out on his faults nagging? No, it isn’t. Let’s say you came home after a busy day of work, and you are really tired and irritable. You immediately see that the dishes are not clean. In fact, you have told your partner to clean them five times already today. If we take this example, nagging would be something like “Why didn’t you clean the dishes, I have really told you this so many times & yet you never listen. What the hell is wrong with you?”

Stop Using An Ex As A Benchmark

It is amazing how often people do this. Your current man is not your ex, he won’t behave like your ex nor will he treat you in the same way your ex treated you. So, stop comparing your boyfriend to your ex. In fact, all ex-issues need to be put at rest.

Seriously, nothing good will come out of it. Eventually, you will hit a point where your boyfriend will just not care about the relationship anymore as he will believe that you are still in love with your ex-partner.

Prioritizing Intimacy

The kind of intimacy that comes from genuine eye contact, physical touch, and mutual smiling are all important when you are in a romantic relationship. These are the tiny moments that make your heart swell.

These are really the things that will remind your partner that you are in this together, that you choose him and are happy that you did.

Touch your partner when he is making coffee. Look at him in the eyes when he tells you about his day. Take a shower together, sleep naked, and snuggle. These things will make the day-to-day that much more special for both of you.

If you notice that intimacy is declining, it is the best time to take a moment and talk to yourself about why it’s happening. It could be on your end or theirs. If increasing your own initiation of this type of intimacy does not result in them doing the same, you may want to see a couple’s counselor. The counselor will help you figure out any underlying issues.

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