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AEW Fight Forever is out now, and fans are getting the chance to step into the ring and throw down with some of their favorite faces from the world of All Elite Wrestling. As with the majority of sports games, the focus here is multiplayer, and the opportunity to show off your skills against all comers in the online arena. For this reason, many AEW fans have been asking a burning question: Is AEW Fight Forever crossplay? Will the game allow you to take on opponents who are playing on a different platform than you? Read on to find out.

Will AEW Fight Forever let you bring the pain in crossplay?

In a move that fans will undoubtedly appreciate, THQ Nordic officially addressed the issue of crossplay in a pre-release FAQ document they released on June 27. To quote this FAQ: “We don’t support cross-play between different consoles and PC.” This makes things very clear, and all but rules out crossplay support in the future as well, since no mention was made of adding the option in later down the line.

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Image via THQ Nordic

All is not lost, however. While AEW Fight Forever doesn’t support crossplay in the inter-console sense, it does support cross-generation play within the same console. This means that players on PS4 will be able to play with those on PS5, and those on Xbox One will be able to play with those on Xbox Series X/S. When it comes to PC, the game is only available on Steam “for now”, which implies that it may come to platforms like GOG and the Epic Games Store in future, but whether PC players will be able to play with those running the game on a different platform if it does so remains unclear for now.

And with that, another pressing question is answered. Is AEW Fight Forever crossplay? Sadly not, and it doesn’t look like it will be later on either. That said, the world of modern game patches and fixes is incredibly fluid, so with enough demand from fans, we may see the feature sneak into a future update yet.

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