What to do at Lover’s Pond in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Totk Lovers Pond Viewed From Nearby
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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom takes place in a version of Hyrule very much like the one that appeared in Breath of the Wild. A lot of locations are the same, or have barely changed. Some of them aren’t as important as they were the last time around, but it’s not like they’re gone completely. Here’s a guide telling you what to do at Lover’s Pond in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom – what to do at Lover’s Pond

Lover’s Pond is the sort of place that demands a closer inspection. It is a pond shaped just like a heart, and it even appears as one on the world map. Look for it high atop Tuft Mountain, just about due west from Lurelin Village and southwest from Sifumim Shrine. I like to fast travel to that shrine, then hike to the southwest to get there most quickly.

Totk Lovers Pond Location Map

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In Breath of the Wild, Lover’s Pond played a definite role. You could head there to help two NPCs fine romance as part of the A Gift of Nightshade Side Quest. It was a memorable moment in that older game. This time around, those two NPCs are nowhere in sight. I checked, even going so far as to spend a full 24-hour cycle just lurking around the pond like a total stalker. Nothing happened, except that a few Sunset Fireflies materialized near the water during the evening hours. That’s useful if you happen to be wondering how to get Sunset Fireflies. Just sneak up to them while crouching and you can easily grab them for your collection.

Totk Lovers Pond Mural In Lurelin Village

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I have been informed that fairies appear at the pond daily, starting at 5PM. However, I have not experienced this personally. There is a mural in Lurelin Village, after you reassemble Numar‘s hut as part of the Lurelin Village Restoration Project side adventure. It shows five fairies at the heart-shaped pond. If you don’t currently have fairies in your inventory, it may be worth visiting at that time to see if they appear for you. Perhaps they don’t appear if you already have three fairies in your inventory, as I do.

Unfortunately, it does not seem that Lover’s Pond serves any grander purpose in the game. At least the answer to the question of what to do at Gut Check Rock to the north included a Silver Rupee and a Korok Seed. Not every old location can have a new twist or offer new rewards, but it does feel like a bit of a shame that love didn’t bloom a second time around.

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