What to do on Tingel Island in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Totk Tingel Island Chasm Entrance Area
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In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll visit a variety of environments, from deserts to mountain tops, from canyons and prairies to islands. From the moment you see it on your journeys to the east, Tingel Island seems like it should hold some sort of fantastic secret. And it does, sort of. Here is our guide telling you what to do on Tingel Island in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom – what to do on Tingel Island

Tingel Island is the northernmost island in a chain of islands off Hyrule’s eastern coast. It rises high above the Lanayru Sea, connected to Ankel Island by a narrow bridge.

The safest way to approach Tingel Island is to travel to Davdi Island. Once you arrive, follow bridges north while avoiding the area’s few enemies. Gatanisis Shrine also rests on the rocky cliffs along the shoreline to the west. You can also fast travel there (if you have unlocked it) and then catch wind currents to quickly rise to the higher islands. One way or another, you should reach Tingel Island with minimal difficulty. The map screenshot below shows its location.

Totk Tingel Island Location Map

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On Tingel Island (which some may spell as ‘Tingle Island’ because of the Tingle armor set devoted to the character named Tingle), look around near its northern point to find a cave opening. Red light emanates from it. When you approach, you will activate the Tingel Island Chasm. You can then descend into the opening to reach an area of the Depths that otherwise is inaccessible. It does not have a local Lightroot. However, you should be able to see just fine without using Brightbloom Seed items if you have activated Sisinatag Lightroot.

The Depths are your reason to visit Tingel Island. When you first descend, you won’t find much of interest except an enemy camp. I suggest sailing right past it. Look for the Poes beyond that camp, which point the way to a weak rock wall. Hammer through the weak rock wall it with a stone tool, or use Vow of Yunobo to let him take care of the job. I highly recommend using the sage’s power, because there is a lot of rock in this area.

Totk Tingel Island Breaking Through Rock Walls With Tools

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Continue south along the series of islands, each connected by narrow tunnels that are blocked by rock. Partway through, you can usually find Rusty Claymore weapons, along with plenty of rocks for fusing them together. However, it felt to me like there is more rock than there are tools. The process is also tedious. I recommend that you not come here until you have cleared the Fire Temple (see our guide if you need help figuring out how to unlock the five locks in the Fire Temple).

When you make it through the last tunnel, which is blocked by durable blue rock, you’ll see a treasure chest at the center of a platform. Descend to it using your paraglider and land on the platform. Quickly open the chest to acquire the Cap of Wind. Your arrival attracts a Gloom Hands enemy. You can stay to fight it and Phantom Ganon, or safely fast travel out of the area if you prefer not to spend resources to secure victory in that battle.

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