10 best custom PS5 controllers

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It wasn’t too long ago when PC gamers couldn’t use PlayStation controllers since they weren’t officially supported. But now, with Steam offering full PlayStation controller support, gamers have been able to make the switch from a standard keyboard and mouse setup to a PS5 controller with ease. With custom controllers, PC gamers can enjoy the convenience and comfort of PlayStation gaming with multiple extra features that give them an edge. In this article, we’ll look at 10 of the best custom PS5 controllers available, arranged from most affordable to most expensive.

Are you ready to take your gaming experience to the next level? Look no further than custom PS5 controllers. From wireless designs with extra buttons and triggers to eye-catching color schemes, custom controllers can give you an edge and make your gaming setup stand out.

10 best custom PS5 controllers

Mega Modz Custom PS5 Controller

Price: Starts at $79.99 USD

Mega Modz Custom Ps5 Controller

Image via Mega Modz

The Mega Modz custom PS5 controller comes with options for design add-ons allowing gamers to craft their own unique controller that suits their gaming needs. Pre-configured controllers are available if they prefer to have something ready right away, or customized from scratch using the innovative Controller Creator tool for endless possibilities in terms of style and function.

With Mega Modz, players can take advantage of the Rapid Fire and Dropshot features designed for all popular FPS titles. For a more comprehensive set of modifications, gamers should consider Macro Remap, which provides exclusive controller functionality suitable for any genre. To further bolster gameplay control and responsiveness, Advanced Back Paddles are available along with Mechanical Shoulder and Face Buttons add-ons — providing faster input time while offering an enhanced competitive edge in multiplayer games.

Evil Custom Controller

Price: Starts at $74.95 USD

Evil Controller Custom Ps5 Controller

Image via Evil Controller

For the serious gamer looking for a competitive edge, The Evil Custom Controller might be precisely what you need. It offers an impressive selection of faceplate and trim customization options and “Pro” and “Mod” settings to give users greater control over their gaming experience. For example, in the Pro option, paddle buttons on the backside provide other full-range motion, while balanced triggers can increase accuracy when aiming at targets.

Furthermore, adjustable thumbstick tension enables more fine adjustments so that no movement is ever too powerful or oversensitive. If you want the Mod option, this package offers an array of macros, such as Adjustable/Akimbo/Tactical settings, Drop Shot mode for those close calls in a firefight, fast reloading capabilities that can keep up with even the most intense fight — as well as Auto Scope, Auto Run, and Auto Spotting features to improve accuracy without sacrificing speed. It also has a Fortnite mode that includes weapon hot-swapping and faster building options.

Controller Chaos PS5 Controllers

Price: Starts at $89.98 USD

Controller Chaos Custom Ps5 Controller

Image via Controller Chaos

Through its on-site build-your-own controller interface, Controller Chaos gives you the ability to totally personalize the controllers for your games. This builder includes everything, from the skin for the controller to additional buttons and more. You may be certain that your controller is one of a kind because the builder provides over 8 million different conceivable combinations. You may personalize your controller by adding a custom shell, face buttons, touchpads, thumbstick, triggers, bumpers, and D-pad for a modest additional cost.

You can also put your name on the controller, in addition to adding some personalized spatter effects that lend even more individuality to the unit. You can get in touch with them if the builder doesn’t accommodate all of the customizations you desire and the company will create a new version according to the requirements you provide.

Battle Beaver Custom PS5 Controller

Price: Starts at $156.99

Battle Beaver Best Custom Ps5 Controller

Image via Battle Beaver

The Battle Beaver Custom PS5 is the pinnacle of customization, standing out from the crowd. Gamers with larger hands or who experience “misclicks” can improve their setup by adding up to four customizable back buttons. These extra inputs, strategically placed around the controller, provide an ideal platform for increased performance and greater accuracy in gameplay. In addition, this controller’s ergonomic design offers improved grip and more comfortable gameplay, as well as an optional Quiet/Softback button for late-night gamers who want to enjoy their hobby without disturbing others in the house.

In addition, the Battle Beaver has fully customizable triggers, bumpers, and thumbsticks. If you enjoy retro games or indie platformers, you can even replace the D-pad with individual clicky buttons. Finally, to create an even more immersive playing experience, you can replace the standard D-pad with separate clicky buttons that provide tactile feedback.

The Controller People Pro

Price: Starts at $167

Tcp Custom Ps5 Controller

Image via TCP

TCP offers three distinct Pro-style PS5 controllers, each equipped with “ClickSticks,” which are innovatively designed back inputs that enhance the tactile feedback of gameplay. These sticks have a curved shape to fit naturally in your hands, and they also come with raised ridges for added control and comfort when reaching all those hard-to-reach buttons. Upgrade to TCP’s Pro controller and you’ll gain access to digital triggers and interchangeable analog sticks – allowing gamers who want an even closer level of precision total customization over their gaming experience.

Victrix Pro BFG Wireless Controller

Price: Starts at $179.99

Victrix Custom Ps5 Controller

Image via Victrix by PDP

For gamers seeking an uncompromising experience, the Victrix Pro BFG Wireless Controller offers a combination of features designed to deliver optimum connection, lasting power and adjustable options. Encompassing PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 compatibility — no matter what gaming platform you use — this controller delivers complete customization for all your needs. The pad comes with swappable face buttons and thumbsticks, allowing you to create the controller that works best for you. There’s even a button option for fighting games.

You can also reach the highest level of competitive gaming with the Victrix Control Hub. This dedicated software allows you to customize your controller and tailor it for peak performance — no matter where your next gaming session may be. Optimize button mapping, save profiles, and unleash the full power of this specially-crafted eSports device to achieve an elite level of performance. It is one of the best PS5 controllers you can find, but it does come at a premium. And it’s not the only one to do so on this list.

Hex Gaming HEX  RIVAL 2  PS5 Controller

Price: Starts at $179.99

Hex Controller

Image via HexGaming

The Rival 2 packs a punch, combining an attractive design with significant performance improvements. This controller can take any gaming setup to the next level with everything from classic color changes to the most cutting-edge game skins. With the addition of PS5 paddles, gamers can maximize their abilities by reprogramming controls to suit specific games.

Hex has also included a “hair triggers” feature that provides a clicky feel and lightning-fast actuation — ideal for competitive players. Players can customize the controller to their preferences and the six interchangeable thumbsticks. Custom skins also improve grip and maintain optimum comfort levels during intense gaming sessions.

Thrustmaster eSwap Pro

Price: Starts at $179.99

Thrustmaster Eswap Pro

Image via Thrustmaster

The Thrustmaster eSwap Pro allows players to customize their gaming experience based on functional or aesthetic preferences. To further assist in obtaining a competitive edge, four extra configurable buttons are featured prominently on the backplate of this gamepad — an innovative twist compared to traditional paddles found elsewhere. Button presses boast tactile feedback and deliver reassurance during intense gaming sessions, while textured grips guarantee precise control at all times. This exceptional controller provides esports-focused performance, ensuring you are always at the top of your game.

The Scuf Reflex Pro

Price: Starts at $219.99

Scuf Reflex Pro

Image via Scuf Gaming

The Scuf Reflex Pro controller includes all of the DualSense’s popular features, such as a touchpad and D-pad for versatile control options, and a haptic rumble. You can further customize it with concave or convex analog sticks. In addition, four detachable manual paddles give you an advantage during gameplay, whether you’re quickly switching between guns in first-person shooters or changing gears mid-race.

Users have access to three configuration profiles via a convenient button on the device’s rear bumper, ensuring optimal performance across multiple gaming genres every time. With this controller, you can enjoy a better gaming experience because the textured grips provide a secure hold during even the most intense gameplay. Unfortunately, customization capabilities are limited due to the lack of dedicated software included with this controller.

AimControllers Custom PS5 Controller

Price: $229


Image via AimControllers

AimController’s Custom PS5 release is one of the best custom controllers, but also one of the priciest. However, it raises the bar by providing gamers with a feature-rich pro controller and full customization options. With various color palettes and skins to choose from, including RGB illuminated sticks, you can ensure that your setup truly reflects your personality.

As if that wasn’t enough, this custom controller includes paddles for added comfort while gaming and programmable smart bumpers with a fast response rate. Overall, AimController provides a stylish gaming experience for aspiring professionals with many custom skin options and impressive performance capabilities.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best custom PS5 controllers you can own. Happy gaming.

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