Is Dave the Diver coming to Nintendo Switch?

Is Dave the Diver coming to Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch lends itself perfectly to the indie game market. The cute little handheld console may be starting to lag behind in the hardware department, but its lightweight portability makes it a great tool for low-res indie games. Dave the Diver seems to be the perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch, with its undemanding graphics and endless casual replayability. But when will it be coming to the platform, if at all?

Is Dave the Diver coming to Nintendo Switch?

Hold onto your goggles because, yes, it most certainly is. With a release of a trailer in July of 2023, MINTROCKET has announced the release of the game on Switch. Dave the Diver will be released on Switch in 2023, available for all Nintendo fans to get their harpoons into.

The fish-catching, sushi-creating, underwater RPG feels initially like a simple yet very beautiful collection game. However, as the game unravels, much more is revealed as the storyline and plot create a game with as much depth as the endless blue hole you dive into. Simple animations and environments utilize the 8-bit graphics to a stunning extent, creating an underwater world that both mesmerizes and excites. Once your day of underwater hunting is complete, it’s up to the surface to cater to the hungry crowds in a bustling fresh sushi bar.

Is Dave the Diver coming to Nintendo Switch?

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Dave the Diver will undoubtedly do just as well on Nintendo’s handheld Switch as it has on Steam. The game has received overwhelmingly positive reviews across the board. It only looks to further its fan base as it moves to the Switch. Dave the Diver will be a great addition to the catalog of Nintendo Switch games.

It is an important avenue for Nintendo to explore as their handheld console starts to fall behind its counterparts. As new releases require more and more from hardware, Switch will quickly slip into the background. With continued indie game support, the Switch can maintain relevancy and those ever-important sales. The release of Dave the Diver in 2023 will keep players playing portably for quite some time.

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