Where to find Gas Sample in Warzone 2: DMZ

Where to find Gas Sample in Warzone 2 DMZ

The various faction missions in Warzone 2: DMZ gives the game a whole new element to play with. Objectives dotted around the map mean that each drop now comes with a goal to achieve. These various mission award new unlocks and various perks that make each new match a little easier. The three factions have various tiers to complete as you make your way up their ranks. With the White Lotus faction, the Tier 5 mission will require you to find and extract a gas sample from two locations on two different Warzone 2: DMZ maps. Here’s how to find them.

Where to find Gas Sample in Warzone 2: DMZ

You may have encountered one of these samples in a previous mission involving the chemist. This one will be nice and easy to find; the second takes a little more time.

Vondel Gas Sample

Where to find Gas Sample in Warzone 2 DMZ

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The Vondel Gas Sample can be found in the maze to the west of the Zoo. It is in the exact location it was found in the Chemists Sources faction mission in Warzone 2: DMZ. To find the Gas Sample, make your way to the top of the hedge maze and look for the statue located right near the middle. Once you have located it, make your way over to the base. You will see the first Gas Sample at the base of the statue. Now, find an extraction point and successfully exfil with it.

Al-Mazrah Gas Sample

To find the second Gas Sample, you must be able to access the Koschei Complex. You must also have the first Gas Sample in your backpack to complete the Russian Gas mission. To access the Koschei Complex, you must head to the Oasis entrance. You will find the entrance at the bottom right of square D2.

Fight your way through the enemies in the complex, clearing rooms of gas to open the various doors and being careful of the turret. Once you have cleared the turret room, the first door on your right is where you will want to go. Once in there, you will notice a large bunker door. Open this door and head on in; you will find the Warzone 2: DMZ Gas Sample against the back right wall.


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