Fastest ways to level to 50 in Diablo 4

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Diablo 4 gives you so much to level up with in terms of gameplay. You have your main campaign quest line, and then you have literally everything else. There’s nothing really stopping you from progressing to level 50 quickly. However, while Blizzard Entertainment gives you tons of options to level up, I’ve found probably the best ways to advance your rank. They’re quite easy to do, and chances are you’ve probably already started some of them. So, read on to learn the fastest ways to level to 50 in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4: Fastest ways to level to 50

Getting to the coveted level 50 is a task, but not an impossible one. Apart from doing the story of Diablo 4, these are the quickest ways that I have used to reach level 50.

  • Play on a higher World Tier
  • Do the dungeons
  • Earn Renown
  • Find or make potions

Before going further, this guide is for players attempting to run Diablo 4 solo. You can certainly level up quicker with friends. But if they’re not available, the following methods may fill the void.

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Play on a higher World Tier: When you start a fresh account and haven’t beaten the story once, you’ll only have access to World Tier 1 and 2. You need to beat the game in order to jump the next two World Tiers. That shouldn’t stop you because playing on Veteran you get a healthy amount of bonuses of 20 percent per kill. So start by playing on the second World Tier.

Diablo 4 World Tier Menu

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Do the dungeons: This is probably the best way to level and obtain high-quality loot. On top of that, if you beat these areas once, you can always reset the dungeons to farm more for my XP and loot. When you do this, you can level up quicker because enemies and the boss are usually a couple of levels higher than you. Dungeons runs are also recommended by the games community since they guarantee leveling up at a faster pace.

Diablo 4 Player About To Enter A Dungeon

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Earn Renown: You can be rewarded by this for doing specific activities. Completing certain challenges will give out a large amount of XP every time. You’ll also earn other things as well like a skill point, gold, and more. So it definitely doesn’t hurt to complete the Renown for each region.

Diablo 4 Renown Menu

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Find or make potions: Depending on the build you’re creating, this method could be worthwhile. Diablo 4 has many potions, and a handful of them give you an XP boosts for a set amount of time. If you combine this method with the ones above, you may level up extremely fast. Elixirs to gain more XP can also be crafted once you reach level 10. After you’ve hit level 10, make your way to any alchemist in any major city, and they’ll set you with what you need.

Player In The Elixir Menu

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