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Diablo 4 has a lot of great classes, but one that is newer, challenging, and rewarding is Rogue. Rogues can deal crazy high damage, but they are also vulnerable to being beaten easily if you’re not careful. Though Rogue takes more calculated playing compared to the Necromancer and Sorcerer, they can be a lot of fun to play while also being effective. Here is the best Rogue build in Diablo 4.

The best Rogue build in Diablo 4

Ever since the days of Diablo 3, I would typically run the Necromancer class, mainly because having an army of skeletons is fun. Staying in the back, being annoying, and letting my army of the undead do all the work made me feel rather powerful. This time around, I went beyond what I was used to and tried the Rogue. This nimble role is fast, mobile, and stealthy — but easy to take down. While a very chaotic character, you may find combat immersive when playing as the Rogue, just like many Redditors have. Diablo 4 can be challenging if you pick a Rogue, but you can use the chaos against enemies depending on the build you create. This guide will show you the best Rogue build in Diablo 4.

The one thing that I have taken away while using this class is that movement is your best friend. While other classes like the Barbarian can take more damage, the Rogue class shows its strengths while sneaking around. These skills should maximize all those character’s abilities, and in turn, make you a threat.

  • Enhanced Blade Shift – Stab an enemy for fifteen percent allowing you to move through them for 3 seconds. By upgrading this skill a second time, you get 5 percent movement speed while using the skill.
  • Fundamental Heartseeker – Fire a homing arrow that seeks an enemy, dealing twenty-two percent damage and increasing your crit strike chance by 3 percent. Upgrading 3 times over, Fundamental Heartseeker gets an increase in crit damage by 5 percent for around 4 seconds.
  • Advanced Flurry – This move is very helpful, you unleash a series of rapid attacks for sixty percent, 4 times. By investing in Flurry for the third time you get Advanced Flurry. The next subsequent flurry stuns enemies for 2 seconds.
  • Methodical Shadow Step – You can stab your enemy in the back for seventy-two percent and increase movement speed by fifty percent for 2 seconds afterward. Buying the fully maxed-out Methodical Shadow Step meaning a third time, it stuns enemies for 2 seconds.
  • Enhanced Smoke Gernade – When thrown, this causes enemies to be covered in smoke and Dazes them for  4 seconds. Upgrading this skill to its second level increases your damage to them by around fifteen percent.
  • Mending Obscurity – This passive allows you to heal up to 3 percent of your max life, and increases per second. You’ll need to first purchase the Agile skill in order to upgrade this passive skill a second time.
Rouge Standing

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Strike from the shadows – Best Rogue playstyle

If you want to be a master Rogue player in Diablo 4, you need to master movement. Beyond dashing in and out of combat, Rogues can be melee fighters, ranged archers, trap setters, and much more. There are many viable rogue builds, but I suggest going with what you feel comfortable with.

When I played Rogue, I tried a strictly melee build and found it to not be my speed, though some of the best Rogue builds are melee-focused builds. Instead, I went the ranged route and specced into traps as well. I would enter a battle and immediately lay a trap. Then I would dash back and take shots at my enemies while my trap dealt damage and debuffs. I found this method of playing Rogue to be much more fun for me, be go with what you find fun.

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