Where to find the Microphone in Dave the Diver

Where to find the Microphone in Dave the Diver

If we could talk to fish, what do you think they would say? Would it be profound, eye-opening secrets of the deep, or would it just be incredibly boring? I feel the latter, but what do I know? In Dave the Diver, you take on the role of deep-sea explorer and hunter-gatherer. Your journey through the watery depths results in a need to converse with fish people living in fear of the end of days. To do this, you’re going to need to collect together a few materials, also conveniently located underwater. Dave the Diver will need to find a microphone to start with in order to transmit the bubbles and squeaks.

Where to find the Microphone in Dave the Diver

Where to find the Microphone in Dave the Diver

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Diving deep into the depths of the Blue Hole will reveal many a mystery. In a previous trip, you will have had to enter into the wrecked cargo ship. This was the location for the Dave the Diver and the Giant Squid battle. Once again, you will need to return to the shipwreck to recover the Microphone. Thankfully, there is no Giant Squid waiting for you this time.

I found that no matter the random formation of the Blue Hole, the shipwreck is usually off to the right of the map. So, just head down to the depths of around 100 to 120 meters. Once you have reached the shipwreck, head inside to find the Microphone in Dave the Diver. The shipwreck is usually surrounded by at least a few vicious predators, so go in armed.

Once you have managed to find the Microphone and Stone tablet, you will be able to progress through the Sea People storyline in Dave the Diver. The results are that you are now able to talk to them and just add more tasks to your ever-growing list of jobs. Dave the Diver never seems to catch a break, only fish.

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