How to use Auto Supply in Dave the Diver

How to use Auto Supply in Dave the Diver

Negotiating a deep sea merperson rescue, harvesting the bountiful seas, and running a successful Sushi restaurant all come within the skills of Dave the Diver. This beautiful indie game lets you become the master of the seas and culinary lands, all rendered in stunning 8-bit glory. Dave the Diver is a wonderfully addictive game from MINTROCKET that lets you harpoon your way to victory. However, some bits of the game are a little confusing, such as the Auto Supply setting in Dave the Diver; it is never really explained how it works, so here’s your answer.

How to use Auto Supply in Dave the Diver

How to use Auto Supply in Dave the Diver

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Auto Supply is something I didn’t know how to use until slightly later on in the game. It is never really explained, but once it’s understood, it will save you a ton of fish and money. Bancho is typically elusive about it.

Auto Supply in Dave the Diver allows you to select only one of a certain fish dish. Then the game will automatically supply the rest from your reserves. This negates the need to bin all the unused ingredients at the end of the night. Usually, if you prepare ten of a dish at the end of a night, and only nine are sold, the remaining will be thrown out.

By using Auto Supply, you can now select only one of a dish, and as more are needed, more will be made. There isn’t a penalty for playing Dave the Diver this way either; it doesn’t appear to take any more time to prepare. Rather than preparing multiples and losing the often hard-to-get ingredients, you can make everything to order in Dave the Diver.

I would recommend only ever using one of any dishes you want to prepare. Then you can use the Auto Supply button next to it. This will preserve all your expensive fish and other ingredients in Dave the Diver.

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