Roman numerals that add to 35 (Rule 9) in the Password Game

Roman Numerals That Add To 35 (rule 9) In The Password Game

Rule 9 of The Password Game is just past when it starts to get insane. Do not worry, it’s going to get infinitely worse than this rule, but this rule will come back to bite you in the ass, over and over again. For now though, here is a quick guide to the Roman numerals that add to 35 (Rule 9) in The Password Game.

Roman numerals for rule 9 in The Password Game

Roman Numeral Rule Password Game

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Rule 9 of The Password Game says this: The roman numerals in your password should multiply to 35.

What that means is that the Roman Numerals have to equal 35 when multiplied together. That is to say, there are only three possible answers you can put to satisfy this rule. And if you think this is hard math, do not worry. It is going to get infinitely worse.

You could just put 35 itself, which is XXXV. You could put in 35 x 1, which is XXXV and I. Or you could do 7 x 5, which is VII and V. If you do go for either of the latter two, you may need to space them out so it does not think they are all one number for it to count and let you go further.

Satisfying it now at the start of the game is easy. What is the difficult part is satisfying this rule later on, as capitalized C, I, or D count as very large Roman Numerals and will throw off your rules. V and I might also turn into the periodic table elements Vanadium and Iodine which could further complicate other rules or needing working around. As a word of advice, try to lowercase any letter that turns into a Roman Numeral if you can. You are going to need it to get past this hellspawn of a game.

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