How to beat Rule 24 in the Password Game

How To Beat Rule 24 In The Password Game

If you’ve managed to get this far in The Password Game, you are probably reaching your sanity limit, if not already snapping and considering murdering a few chickens. Was the chess, setting your password on fire, and periodic table math still not enough to break you? Good, enter Rule 24. This is going to hurt. Here’s how to beat Rule 24 in the Password Game.

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Hell on Earth, also known as The Password Game Rule 24

Rule 24 asks you to find and paste the URL of a YouTube video with a randomized length. You might need a fifteen-minute something video, you might need over thirty minutes something. Either way, you have to search while Paul the Chicken is eating away at worms.

So, how to beat Rule 24 in The Password Game? Well, there’s no exact solution to this. Creating your own video to match the timestamp while on a one minute timer is extremely impractical unless you have multiple monitors and a video editing software on hand. What you can do is filter your YouTube search results to be under or over 20 minutes depending on what you need.

Your best bet is to search for speedruns or timers with the length you’re looking for. Even then, you’re not likely to get the exact time you need and will have to keep scrolling. The good news is you don’t always quite need the exact length. I’ve gotten away with a video that’s a second more than was asked for, but not on another try, so keep finagling with it. But it’s still going to be balancing feeding Paul with searching, which is the hard part.

How To Beat Rule 24 In The Password Game Solution

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When you do find the video URL, know that you can delete the http:// and the channel name from the URL and it will still take it. What you can’t do is put it into a URL shortener in order to try and preserve your other rules, so this will very likely get very difficult to deal with the Roman Numerals and the Periodic Table math.

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